Digital Designs

Dan Anderson

Husband of almost 20 years, father of 4 sons and active in my faith community.

Your classic Data Scientist who just digs digging into mounds of data to uncover what it really means.

The great thing about data analysis is that unlike your average jigsaw puzzle where there's one picture at the end of the process, you can dissect data, add more when it becomes available, or when necessary whittle out noisy bits and get entirely different pictures that tell stories every bit as important as that first one. Why are we seeing that strange bump in our client base every year at the same time in that one state? Why is AR higher for client X than it is for other clients utilizing the same product? What is that strange noise my car is making? These are the questions you come to me for.

- SQL, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
- Excel
- Technical Requirements
- Manage the company golf league

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